About Us

Off-grid solar and hybrid energy solutions are becoming increasingly attractive alternatives to conventional fossil fuel generators due to:

Rising costs of fuel

With rising cost of fuel the operational expenses of fueling and maintaining generators is expected to rise. At the same time large electrical companies are using deceptive methods, tariffs, and price escalators to tie all customers into using their services. Investing in a photovoltaic system will greatly reduce the operational costs of preventative maintenance on your solar site.

Decreasing costs of solar equipment

Over the past decade we have seen monumental technological advances within the solar industry. These advances, along with an ultra-competitive landscape has led to significant reductions in solar modules and balance of system components. We see the same trend happening with advanced storage technologies in the near future. ISC’s relationships with our suppliers means you will get the most reliable and economical solution available.

Increasing reliability of system components

Modernized charge controllers and solar components are now providing highly reliable product to work with. Batteries used in the industry are continually being improved to move with the solar trend. Some of the most recent engineering designs include the use of advanced storage technologies. These technologies paired with our engineering and sizing expertise has expanded system uptime and autonomy.

Growing remote energy consumption needs

Off grid telecommunication sites are currently retrofitting solar systems in order to replace obsolete propane and natural gas power systems. ISC is providing hybrid systems to provide improvement solutions for critical infrastructure.


We have identified a niche market of off-grid electricity consumers spanning six industries that have extremely low power outage risk tolerances and high demand for the replacement of fossil-fuel generators in remote locations. Our customers demand reliable, cost effective power solutions.

We service, but are not limited to, the following industries:

  • Aid Relief
  • Department of Defense
  • Telecommunications
  • Oil and Gas
  • Railroads
  • Homeland Security

Remote (off-grid) power consumption is similar for all of our customers because they require extremely reliable power supply in remote areas where it is not a viable option to connect to the electricity grid. In these situations, it makes financial and logistical sense to invest in solar and hybrid power systems rather than relying exclusively on conventional fossil fuel generators.