Project Details

  • Department of the Interior - US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)
  • Farallon Islands, off the coast of San Francisco, CA
  • 2019
  • Municipal/Government
  • Solar Rehabilitation & Upgrade
  • Stand-Alone Off Grid Solar Power System, Solar with Battery & Generator backup

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Solar Rehabilitation & Upgrade

Farallon Islands National Wildlife Refuge

Established in 1909 to protect seabirds and marine mammals, the Farallon Islands contains the largest seabird nesting colony south of Alaska. Their off grid solar power system supports numerous researchers living and working on site.

ISC removed and replaced the existing Farallon Islands National Wildlife Refuge PV array, racking, charge controller system and batteries on a site that had reached the end of its useful life. The off grid solar power system required programming of all controls and remote monitoring. 

The site logistics for this off grid installation were extremely challenging due to the remote nature of the Farallon Islands, positioned off the coast of San Francisco. All materials and personnel needed to be flown in by helicopter or via charter boat and raft. The entire ISC crew lived on the island until the completion of the project, learning more about the wildlife that scientists research on this remote island off of San Francisco.

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