Industrial solar power and electrical contracting with a proven track record of success

While focusing mainly on remote, off-grid solutions, ISC offers a full range of services in solar and electrical contracting. We have a proven track record across a wide range of industrial solar power and residential projects. From Feasibility Studies to complete Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) projects, our skilled engineers and comprehensive network of reliable contractors makes it possible for us to fulfill projects of any size. We can work with you and your team to reduce your dependency on expensive fossil fuels while making your business cleaner and greener.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

ISC designs high-performance, off-grid solutions while managing and maintaining cooperation between clients, vendors, contractors and AHJ’s.

Solar & Hybrid Power System Design

Our elite team of engineers design systems that reduce your reliance on costly, unreliable fossil fuels while providing power you critically need.

Solar Site Evaluations & Feasibility

Avoid future unforeseen costs from vandalism, shading and more with a Solar Site Evaluation or Feasibility Study crucial to all industrial solar power systems.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M), Construction Management (CM)

Gain peace-of-mind and save on costs with regular maintenance and monitoring or have us manage your off grid solutions project from start to finish.

Solar Rehabilitation & Upgrades

ISC works with existing systems to upgrade them to the latest technology, find and fix existing problems and rehabilitate older systems to their new glory.

Electrical Contracting & Efficiency

Whether its commercial or residential, off grid solutions or on grid, solar or traditional, we’ll evaluate your system for ultimate efficiency.
enabling industries to run cleaner & greener

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We improve communications for first responders, air traffic and mobile communications

Rural Electrification

Empowering rural communities with reliable, safe off grid or on grid solar power solutions


Helping the forest service, wildlife reserves and municipalities create a cleaner, greener environment

Emergency Response

We provide solutions and designs so emergency responders can help communities build back greener

Commercial & Industrial

Whether you're on or off the grid, we provide industrial solar power at any scale, for any company


Supporting utility infrastructure to save operating costs and downtime with effective solar solutions

ISC creates solar power solutions in numerous additional industries including Oil & Gas, Military, Homeland Security and Residential. Off-grid, grid-connected, hybrid, mobile or stationary, we design efficient, reliable systems that reduce your carbon footprint.

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