Pine Mountain solar installation by Industrial Solar Consulting (ISC)

Project Details

  • Pyramid Network Services on behalf of Motorola
  • Monrovia, CA
  • 2021
  • Emergency Response, Telecommunications
  • Solar & Hybrid System Design, Engineering, Procurement & Construction
  • Stand-Alone, Solar with Battery and Generator backup

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Solar & Hybrid System Design, Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Pine Mountain

ISC was contracted to install, network and commission a complete PV/Hybrid installation for a new communications tower in the Pine Mountain, CA area prone to wildfires, earthquakes and mudslides where there was previously no communications network available. This site was in development by the site owners/operators for over 8 years and went through rigorous design and permitting challenges. In addition to providing all the labor for the solar installation, we were able to assist with high level monitoring of batteries, generator functions and solar production. ISC’s work was done on time and within budget as is customary on our installations.