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Project after project, ISC goes above and beyond to create the most reliable, efficient and well-designed off-grid or on-grid solar power systems. While some contracts may have us traversing rugged roads on 4x4s, devising creative strategies to transport equipment, other contracts may see us implementing an integrative plan to monitor power usage in a residential community.

We’ve been lucky enough to install solar off grid power systems in some of the most remote and beautiful landscapes, giving us a glimpse of dramatic scenery and rare wildlife. We’ve also had the privilege to design mobile and containerized systems that have increased security and allowed emergency responders to access the most vulnerable. Underlying our work is the passion to reduce our carbon footprint by replacing inefficient, costly, outdated systems running on fossil fuels and powering forward to increase communication and connectivity with clean electricity.

Our projects shown here are just a small portion of our commitment over the past 10 years to deliver well-designed, reliable, efficient and cost-saving solar systems to help us all breathe a little easier.

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