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Industrial Solar Consulting (ISC) is a dedicated team of engineers specializing in the unique challenges of designing, building and maintaining remote, off-grid solar and hybrid systems.

We focus on the design, construction, installation, and maintenance of advanced off-grid solar and hybrid power solutions for critical infrastructure in telecom, municipal, commercial solar services and disaster relief. Our rigorous commitment to system performance ensures that our customer’s system will operate autonomously with extreme reliability.

ISC has the power to

A wide range of solar and electrical services


With our main focus on remote, off-grid solar sites, ISC offers a full range of commercial solar services and electrical contracting. We can reduce your operating expenses while making your business cleaner and greener.
Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

ISC designs high-performance, off-grid solutions while managing and maintaining cooperation between clients, vendors, contractors and AHJ’s.
Solar & Hybrid Power System Design

Solar & Hybrid Power System Design

Our elite team of engineers design systems that reduce your reliance on costly, unreliable fossil fuels while providing power you critically need.
Solar Site Evaluations & Feasibility

Solar Site Evaluations & Feasibility

Avoid future unforeseen costs from vandalism, shading and more with a Solar Site Evaluation or Feasibility Study crucial to all industrial solar power systems.
Operations & Maintenance (O&M), Construction Management (CM)

Operations & Maintenance (O&M), Construction Management (CM)

Gain peace-of-mind and save on costs with regular maintenance and monitoring or have us manage your off grid solutions project from start to finish.
Solar Rehabilitation & Upgrades

Solar Rehabilitation & Upgrades

ISC works with existing systems to upgrade them to the latest technology, find and fix existing problems and rehabilitate older systems to their new glory.
Electrical Contracting & Efficiency

Electrical Contracting & Efficiency

Whether its commercial or residential, off grid solutions or on grid, solar or traditional, we’ll evaluate your system for ultimate efficiency.

Industries we Serve

ISC has successfully completed projects for a wide range of customers looking to improve communications, power availability and reliability. We transition infrastructure from fossil fuel to sustainable solar. Our clients rely on us to improve communication networks, enable water pumping for agricultural or consumption needs, increase safety for our military and homeland security, improve upon communication for first responders, protect our forest service and wildlife refuges, provide cooling for vital vaccines and medical supplies and so many more crucial situations where electricity is needed.
  • Municipal/Government
  • Telecommunications
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Rural Electrification
  • Emergency Response
  • Utilities
  • Military
  • Homeland Security
  • Oil & Gas

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ISC Projects

Project after project, ISC goes above and beyond to create the most reliable, efficient and well-designed off-grid or on-grid solar power systems. Our work speaks for itself.

What Makes Us Unique

By continually innovating our efforts in our work with government, municipal, commercial and private customers, we help to create a safer, stronger, greener and more resilient future that confronts current infrastructure issues and resolves them for the next generation.

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