Solar Site Evaluations & Feasibility

Let’s get you ready for solar

Let's Get You Ready For Solar

As a crucial prerequisite to most site designs, ISC provides Solar Site Evaluations and Feasibility Studies. In this assessment, we measure solar irradiance and shading as well as conduct an environmental assessment of the proposed off-grid energy system location. We help you avoid future unforeseen costs from vandalism, shading and site problems by identifying obstacles before the design and construction phase. Save money and time by starting your project right.

Our Solar Site Evaluations Include The Following

  • Sun quality measurement
  • Alternative site proposal
  • Location marking at sites to show area of installation
  • Proposed height of array
  • Shading impact analysis
  • Anti-theft and vandalism recommendations
  • Vegetation trimming suggestions
  • General geo-technical challenges identification
  • Detailed report on all findings

Solar Site Evaluations & Feasibility Projects

Many of our projects begin with a solar site evaluation or feasibility study to help design the most efficient and optimized solar installation.

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