Across ten major solar projects completed in 2023, we’ve been part of installing over 900kW of solar that will offset over 90 tons of CO2 per year. Most of these projects are bringing power to remote areas that previously relied on generators or had little to no cell phone service.

Awards & Recognition

For the first time, ISC was designated a Top Solar Contractor by Solar Power Magazine, ranking for Top Solar EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction and Top Solar & Storage Installers. ISC also ranked as a Top Residential Solar Contractor, entirely for our off-grid residential solar installations on the Navajo Nation completed in 2023.

ISC was also designated the 2023 Minority Emerging Technology and Industries Firm of the Year by the Arizona MBDA and Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce sponsored through the US Department of Commerce.

Completion on the Navajo Nation

Early 2023 brought the completion of 150 residential installations across the Navajo Nation. This was in addition to the 150 installations we previously performed in 2020. These 300 sites now total 1,110 kW which will offset over 110 tons of carbon per year. This massive project included hiring labor from the local Navajo community and providing workforce development.

Expanding Telecommunication

Badger Springs & Burlap

These two adjacent solar projects are now generating over 100kW of power to towers for AT&T and Verizon. These sites are now helping to provide cell service for the area and better coverage for travelers on I-17, as the rolling hills and rocky terrain block many carrier signals.

Dome Rock

Our work at Dome Rock, near Quartzsite, AZ, added another 41kW of solar power for Verizon to an existing AT&T site we worked on in 2022. This site will help provide cell service for the area. Previously, the rolling hills and rocky terrain block many/all carriers signals. This area is widely used by off road vehicles as there are many trails surrounding the sites. The sand dunes of Blythe are just across the road.

Supporting Wildfire Prevention

Plumas National Forest

One of our most recent projects is in the Plumas National Forest, near Oroville, CA. This 8.4 kW array with 50 kWh of storage is a critical installation for the Feather River Ranger District’s Pike County lookout tower. By installing this off-grid system, many miles of forest could be returned to their natural state as existing power lines could be removed. This ultimately saves taxpayers and reduces the risk of fire from overhead power lines.

Looking to 2024

Projects across the southwest at Geyser Peak, Chevelon, Burro Creek and Table Mesa rounded off the remainder of our 2023. After having been awarded one of only four Master Services Agreements from PG&E to provide Standalone Power Systems (SPS) to add resiliency to California’s electrical grid during fire season, we are looking forward to a busy start to 2024.

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